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The mobile application of dynamic carpooling RoulezMalin


RoulezMalin adapts itself to your everyday life


With the “responsive design”...

...No download, RoulezMalin adapts

itself automatically to your computer,

smartphone or tablet. Free carpooling

has never been so easy on RoulezMalin !

Pin the shortcut of the site to your smartphone desk,

the site becomes a real application !



L’The mobile application is always there !

The mobile application of carpooling is completely free !

You find all the present features on the site there.

It allows you besides to geolocate carpoolers (passenger or driver)

who go the same way as you to call out them in real time!


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With RoulezMalin, carpooling is instantaneous !

Variable office hours ? An unexpected trip ?

Connect with the application RoulezMalin and find in real time all the carpools available to you !


Find more information on the dynamic carpooling in our FAQ.