Charter RoulezMalin and general terms


Charter and general terms and conditions of use


The aim of this charter is to specify our ethic and security rules, but also the conditions of use of the RoulezMalin carpooling service. It binds on all the users of RoulezMalin.
Each carpooler, driver or passenger, accepts the terms at the time of his register on the website.

Section 1 | user engagement

Behaviour on the website.

All the users make a commitment not to spread defamatory, offensive information or striking a blow at thirds.
They also make a commitment not to mislead by usurping the name or pseudo of the other people. The use of the website will be made in a personal and non-profit way.

Security and traffic regulations

The driver declares to be entitled to lead the declared vehicle and, rather, warned his insurer of his intention to practise the carpooling.
The driver makes a commitment to respect the traffic rules and the people he is responsible for, and to drive with caution.
If the owner of the car lets a passenger drive, he must have verified his capacity to drive (driver licence) and to make sure that the insurance accepts the driving of a third, possibly young driver.
During the coverage of a passenger, driver and passenger have to take usual precautions not to put themselves in danger or put in danger the other road users.


It is not necessary to have a specific insurance to carpool as long as the contribution of the passengers is lower than the cost of the route shared (the driver cannot realize any profit). Carpoolers are insured by the LC insurance (Civil Liability) of the driver who covers the physical and material damages of the passengers. Besides, if it is about a from home to work journey, drivers and passengers are covered under the accident on the way, that is it gives access to the same rights as an occupational accident.
Know that the insurance-related system for from home to work carpooling of common law also covers the reasonable bends made to pick up or deposit passengers. He must be able to be proved whom the driver was on his path(way) of the work and whom he just realized a bend for his passenger. The registration(inscription) on our services(departments) of ride sharing can serve as documentary evidence. He must be able to be proved whom the driver was on his work path and whom he just realized a bend for his passenger. The registration on our services of carpooling can serve as documentary evidence
Other insurances can also offer more comfort but are not legally compulsory. The most common is the “family” insurance. As passenger, you can cause for example damage in the vehicle of your driver. In this case, you can involve the family insurance.


Carpoolers make a commitment to hold a correct language and behavior. Obscene, vulgar, violent or offensive words are totally prohibited.
Carpoolers make a commitment to participate in the development of a network of reliable and quality carpooling, in particular by leaving an evaluation on their partner of carpooling.


During a trip, the driver and the passenger(s) have to show their identities in the simple request of one of them. Besides, the driver must be able to prove that he is good in possession of his driving licence and that the vehicle is correctly insured. This information, in particular the validity of the certificate of insurance, is not verified during the registration on RoulezMalin.


Carpoolers makes a commitment to respect the journeys on the accepted conditions and to warn the partners of carpooling as soon as possible in case of predictable breach.


Doing some carpooling, it is also sharing a moment with other people. It is not necessarily easy and it can appear as a loss of freedom. If you do not know the habits of other one or others, let the driver strike up a conversation if he wishes because it is its private space and he has to choose the hosting arrangements.

Section 2 | Commitments of RoulezMalin

RoulezMalin allows to put in relation drivers and passengers making a similar journey avid to share the corresponding transport costs. This service has for vocation to apply to journeys on the whole French and European territory. RoulezMalin makes a commitment, within its means, to contribute to the emergence and to the deployment of a network of reliable, safe and friendly carpooling. To insure a high quality of service, RoulezMalin reserves in particular the right to exclude or to limit access rights to every damaging person or not having respected the spirit of the service. This version of the Charter can be revised by RoulezMalin to follow the evolutions of the services. It can be modified at any time and without advance notice.

Section 3 | Responsibilities

The users of the site of carpooling recognize to act under their only one and full responsibility, what excludes any care of guarantees or responsibilities on behalf of RoulezMalin, in particular in case of damage being able to arise at the end of a contact via the software, during a route. RoulezMalin makes however a commitment to implement a regular control of the quality of the registrations over the site to qualify every driver or every passenger to warn any inconvenience. However this qualification takes all its sense thanks to the marks of the users who make a commitment to estimate regularly their partners of ride sharing. The role of RoulezMalin limits to keep the “coordinates" of the people wishing to use the site with the aim of moving closer to people making all or part of the same route.
Coordinates have to get on of two different manners :

- Postal address and telephone

- GPS address and coordinates for those who use the mobile application

The route and its progress are not organized by RoulezMalin or its partners who are only creating the conditions of getting in touch between carpoolers and promoting the solutions of development of the carpooling. The carpooling results exclusively from the agreement intervened between the driver and the passengers through RoulezMalin.

Section 4 | Service availability

RoulezMalin tries hard to give users an accessible website in conditions answering the rules of the art.
The responsibility of RoulezMalin could not be however hired in case of unavailability of the platform of ride sharing. RoulezMalin can be brought to modify, to suspend, to interrupt the site in a temporary or permanent way, with or without advance notice.

Section 5 | Registrations

These are exclusively made by internet. During their registration, the driver and the passenger(s) accept the charter, make a commitment to supply exact information and to watch their regular update.

Section 6 | Minors

The carpooling of the minors stays under the total and whole responsibility of the parents or the legal guardians. As a consequence, the minors can register only after having received the parental agreement.

Section 7 | Instant journey

In the particular case of an instant request for an immediate departure, not to waste time, it is not asked by confirmation to the passenger if a driver corresponding to his request is found to him. His preliminary agreement is thus included in the immediate request.

Section 8 | Animals and baggage

The coverage of animals or luggage is made according to the preliminary arrangement between the driver and the passenger(s). The information asked on this matter during the registration must be correctly filled on both sides.

Section 9 | Cost-sharing

The use of the platform RoulezMalin is free.
A driver can ask for a contribution to expenses to his passengers but he cannot realize any profit on his journey. He can thus receive a compensation lower than expenses according to the current fiscal scale (between $0.33 and $0.65 by kilometer in 2015). Failing that, he risks to be considered making of the transport paid of people, activity subjected to professional insurances and to specific tax and statutory regime. The $0,08 proposal by km bases itself on the division by four of the 32 hundred and protects you of any problems bound to the treasury or to the insurances.
The division of expenses is made either via your account RoulezMalin, or from hand to hand.

Section 10 | Data retention

The references of the registration are registered until the user chooses to unsubscribe. In every case, beyond one duration of two years, certain not essential data can be erased or moved (former journeys for example) and can thus any more not be available for consultation on-line. Certain data can be preserved by the organizers in another base of not on-line datum to the statistical fine only ones or practices connected to the practice of the carpooling. They are the object on no account of a use for commercial purposes or marketing who would not be boundconnected to the practice of the ride sharing.
The data of geo-localization are never preserved except the last position known and communicated with the authorization of the user by the site or the mobile applications.

Section 11 | Freedom of information

The users of the services RoulezMalin have an access right, a rectification, a modification and an abolition concerning their personal data. They can have access in certain situations and with respective authorization to certain personal data of another carpooler (pseudo, email, telephone, conditions of journey, personal preferences) to facilitate the getting in touch or the user-friendliness of use of the platform.
It is up to the carpoolers to implement security measures necessary for the protection of their password. In case of loss, in case of flight, or in case of use of the password by an unauthorized third, the covoitureur immediately has to contact RoulezMalin for the blocking of the account, the renewal of the password or the registration.