The cost-sharing in the french tax system.

The driver should never accept any remuneration superior to the contribution to expenses and realize no profit on his journeys. Failing that, you risk to be considered making of the transport of people, activity subjected to professional insurances and to specific tax regime.
The division of online expenses proposed by Big Troyes guarantees you to respect the fiscal kilometric scale of reimbursement of expenses applicable to automobiles about is the vehicle, the number of traveled kilometers or the number of taken care passengers.

The deduction of expenses for from-home-to-work journeys.

Do not declare the sums paid to your drivers. Even if you can justify them thanks to the column "My account", you should in this case rather opt for the more advantageous and simpler, fixed diet face to face of the Treasury. The deduction of expenses if you are a driver. You can declare (regime of allowable expenses) all the committed spending (gasoline, toll, parking lot) on the condition of having kept documentary evidences or using the scale produced every year by the tax authorities. You will have to declare on the other hand the sums paid by your passengers carpoolers, what you can follow automatically and with a monthly synthesis thanks to the column "My account". If you take care regularly of one or several passengers, you can should rather opt for the fixed diet which can then show itself more advantageous.

To note: : To the freshly real diet, you will notice that by shielding your compensations of carpooling of your expenses of route, your plate and your average rate of imposition are higher. Your plate indeed increased by your compensations. Your average rate of imposition is higher because it emanates from a weighted average. In fact, your compensations are at the most imposed on the rate of your highest tax bracket. Your income deducted from your expenses of route is besides subjected to the same average rate of imposition which you declared or not your compensations. The economy realized thanks to the ride sharing by the driver, after imposition, thus remains actual.

The driver should rather thus always share as much as possible his vehicle..
For more information on the fiscal scale of reimbursement of kilometric expenses, consult the site of the taxes.